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Passionately Following Christ


Welcome to Cross Creek Church. We are a young, vibrant, and growing church with a place for everyone. At Cross Creek, we passionately pursue the Lord while helping each other to grow in Christ-likeness. We seek to live according to the teachings of the Bible and to respond with love and compassion to the needs of people.

Cross Creek Church is a Spirit-filled community dedicated to helping people to experience the grace of God in Christ Jesus in every area of their lives. We also strive to be a godly and redemptive influence in Lebanon, Missouri and the world.

About Our Ministry

Cross Creek Church has the following five-fold purpose. Worship: We respond to God’s love with Spirit-filled contemporary Christian celebration. In worship, we acknowledge God’s awesomeness, goodness, and mercy. Fellowship: We welcome and incorporate other Christians into our community of believers. As a part of fellowship, we care for and encourage each other.

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